Sustainability at Suncor

Community investment

Suncor has always been an active member of community. This is reflected in the many ways we contribute to communities as well as through the progressive visions and programs of our two foundations – the Suncor Energy Foundation and the Petro-Canada CareMakers FoundationTM.

We believe we have the opportunity – and responsibility – to help build a better future. Since Suncor began operations in the oil sands more than 50 years ago, this commitment has been demonstrated in our work with communities across our operations, through the efforts of our employees, and with the creation of SEF in 1998.

Our strategy is focused on three pillars:

  • Community presence: Investing in local operating communities and employee engagement through SunCares.
  • Strategic funding priorities: Investing in societal change through others within three areas: Indigenous Peoples, energy future, and community resilience.
  • Social innovation capacity: Investing in societal change through SEF and CI led programs and activities.

SunCares: How our employees showed-up in community

29% of employees participated company wide

96,067 hours volunteered by Suncor employees in their local communities

1,501 community organizations supported

Over $5.8M contributed to communities through SunCares

Community presence

CI and SEF invest in local communities where Suncor has operations and offer employee engagement opportunities through the SunCares program. SunCares inspires employees to contribute to communities and support the causes that are important to them – through volunteering, donation matching, SunCares Community Giving Networks and recognition programs such as SunCares Changemakers.

Suncor’s Gary Millard shares his thoughts on volunteering with the Friends of Kananaskis Country through the SunCares Community Giving Networks.

Strategic funding priorities

Community Investment and the Suncor Energy Foundation have a long history of investing in societal change and communities through donations to external partners. We focus these investments in three priority areas:

  • Indigenous Peoples – Learn from and with Indigenous Peoples to accelerate a reconciliation mindset, youth engagement and Indigenous-led pathways to success
  • Community resilience – Enable communities to maximize opportunities and resources to adapt and thrive through change
  • Energy future – We participate in energy system transformation by combining the strengths of Suncor and communities to seek solutions that prepare us for today and the future

Ashoka Canada

In 2018, Suncor and SEF entered into partnership with Ashoka Canada. 

Ashoka Canada supports young leaders develop the mindset and capacity to be the changemakers the future needs. Part of the donation provided by SEF supports Ashoka Canada’s work to adapt their processes based on Indigenous ways of knowing and doing, something we also continue to explore and learn about within Suncor.

We continue to strengthen our relationship, learn from one another, and connect on new initiatives such as Ashoka U, a program focused on changemaking within post-secondary campuses around the world.

Social innovation capacity

As a part of our strategy, we aim to build capacity for social innovation – including within Suncor. By considering and working with whole systems, and by using the tools and processes of social innovation to design and deliver programs, there is opportunity to transform ourselves, our organizations, and ultimately society.

Community Foundations of Canada

In 2019, SEF confirmed a new three-year partnership with Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) to help expand our knowledge and understanding in social finance. Social finance is an investment that has a positive social, cultural or environmental impact and also generates return for investors. Suncor and SEF have previously worked with CFC on initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the setup of a community foundation in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

With this new partnership, CFC is expected to expand their pilot project work and share their learnings with other foundations. Suncor and SEF aim to learn more about social finance by participating in CFC’s work with the goal of advancing new, community-led, multi-sector approaches to raising money and deploying it where needed to support social good.

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