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Journey of Reconciliation

Our relationship with Indigenous communities over the past 40 years has been a journey. We know that earning the trust and support of Indigenous Peoples and communities is foundational to our business.
To hear more of Randy’s story and learn more about the Journey of Reconciliation, watch this video.

Suncor’s engagement with Indigenous communities began decades ago operating in Northern Alberta, on the traditional lands of many Indigenous Peoples . In 2015, we created our first social goal where we aspired to change the way we think and act to increase the participation of Indigenous Peoples in energy development, with a commitment to update that goal as we evolved. 

We have made progress with our social goal and learned valuable lessons along the way. Over the years we’ve heard from employees, Indigenous communities, and our partners on how we can do better. In 2019, we began the process to evolve the social goal and moving towards putting more focus on what we’re learning and sharing those experiences through storytelling, building on the Indigenous oral tradition. We’ve renamed the social goal to Journey of Reconciliation to better reflect the ongoing nature of our work. Through both measurement and a more concentrated focus on storytelling, we hope to provide a more complete picture of the impact of this work and the progress we’re making.

There is considerable work ahead of us, and through collaboration with Indigenous communities, our partners, and employees, we know we can be stronger together. 


Suncor’s Journey of Reconciliation is reflected in a medicine wheel. It is important to recognize there are many different versions of the medicine wheel, and not all Indigenous Peoples make use of the medicine wheel.

Permission to use this Blackfoot concept of the Medicine Wheel was granted by Elder Casey Eagle Speaker

Illustrative graphic showing the different areas of Suncor’s Journey of Reconciliation.

Valuing Indigenous worldviews

Valuing Indigenous worldviews begins with developing an understanding of the rich culture and history of Indigenous Peoples through training and immersive learning opportunities, but it is deeper than that. It is also about listening to Indigenous perspectives and reflecting Indigenous knowledge in what we do, where appropriate.

Partnering with Indigenous businesses and communities

Partnering with Indigenous businesses and communities starts with honest and respectful relationship building to understand common interests and mutual benefit. We know communities have different priorities and we will take the time to listen and understand what they are.

Strengthen Indigenous workforce and inclusion

Strengthening Indigenous workforce and inclusion represents a continued focus on hiring, retention and advancement of Indigenous employees across our business, while creating a safe and equitable workplace where Indigenous employees want to work and can build meaningful careers.

Partnering with Indigenous youth

Partnering with Indigenous youth is about making impactful connections that support young leaders and provide learning opportunities for Suncor. Today’s young leaders are the future, and we value the insightful knowledge they bring and the power of their voices.

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