Sustainability at Suncor

Partnering with Indigenous businesses and communities

We are increasing revenues to Indigenous businesses and communities through mutually beneficial marketing arrangements and procurement of materials and services.

Relationships are essential to advancing business opportunities. Meaningful participation requires the ability to understand each other’s motivations, strengths and limitations, as well as be willing to have challenging conversations in an authentic and respectful way. Working with Indigenous businesses is essential to creating these relationships and is one thing we can do to contribute to economic reconciliation with Indigenous Canadians.

Suncor’s social goal includes a business development pillar to “increase spend with Indigenous suppliers.” For the procurement of materials and services, there is a target of $600M by 2025 which was achieved seven years early.

In 2018, we spent $725 million and in 2019, we spent $836 million with Indigenous businesses.

As of 2019, we have 48 Petro-CanadaTM retail and wholesale marketing arrangements with Indigenous communities across the country, surpassing the 2025 target of 40 we had originally set.

Siksika Nation Petro-Canada electric vehicle charger station ribbon cutting
Siksika Nation Petro-CanadaTM electric vehicle charger station ribbon cutting.

In 2019, our Independent Retail group held a feedback session just ahead of the Indspire event in Calgary called Celebration of Indigenous Business Partners. This was a summit to gather Indigenous business partners together, celebrate successes, recognize achievements, share experiences on how having a Petro-CanadaTM site has influenced their communities and most importantly, listen to feedback on how we can improve.

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