Sustainability at Suncor

Waste management

Whether at our operational sites or office settings, we closely manage all kinds of waste, ensuring it’s properly handled and disposed to protect the environment and our people.
Catalyst containers in Edmonton Refinery
Catalyst containers in Edmonton Refinery.

We work with contractors, suppliers and waste receivers to improve waste management practices at our job sites across the company. We also collaborate with industry peers to identify and act on shared waste management opportunities. In addition to complying with all regulatory waste material production, control and disposal requirements, we see waste recycling, reuse and recovery as an opportunity to generate economic, social and environmental benefits.

Our activities involve handling large volumes of different types of waste, of which construction and contaminated water constitute the largest volumes. Our approach to waste management is to avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and treat, and follow waste management systems that are in place.

Resource circularity

We are working to reduce waste and explore opportunities to integrate a circular approach in our operations and across our value chain. Resource circularity looks at repurposing the energy produced upon consumption, as well as addressing design efficiencies to reduce raw material consumption and waste. Moving toward a circular economy can be critical to supply chain security and environmental performance.

As an integrated energy company, we are looking at circular economy projects throughout our entire value chain, from raw materials to final products and services. While the bulk of the discussions around the circular economy focus on material recycling, Suncor plays an important role in Canada’s efforts to manage the impacts associated with additional energy needs to support material circularity.

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