Sustainability at Suncor

Technology overview

We are continuously innovating to meet evolving energy needs while tackling pressing environmental challenges like climate change. There isn’t an easy or quick solution to transform to a low carbon energy future. It will take original thinking, collaboration and commitment. Transforming the energy system requires all of us – producers, suppliers, governments and consumers – to make changes that will position Canada for success in a low-carbon environment.

Researchers have a discussion at the 2018 Academic Forum
Researchers have a discussion at the 2018 Academic Forum

Innovation is making today’s energy better and tomorrow’s energy possible

  • We are committing our expertise and our resources to the development of leading-edge technologies that have the potential to change the way the world generates and uses energy.
  • We are collaborating and partnering with a wide range of individuals, organizations, associations, government, suppliers, consumers, businesses and communities to challenge the status quo and discover new ideas.
  • We are listening to and learning from others to challenge our thinking to create a strong future together including strengthening our work with Indigenous businesses and communities to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

We look at technology development across our business that reduces our environmental footprint and our costs. This includes technology that drives our sustainability focus areas:

Social innovation

We all have a role to play in creating our energy future. Moving forward requires deep conversations. These conversations help us understand what we have in common – a good quality of life, a healthy environment and vibrant communities. Read more about our social innovation efforts.

Strategic investments and partnerships

Suncor monitors technologies being developed around the world to determine if, and when, an investment by us could make sense to advance a technology and adapt it for our business. Sometimes we seek out these companies, and other times they contact us directly through our technology proposal portal. Where appropriate we fund outside companies or venture capitalists, or other time we commit to be the first customer when technology ideas align with the needs of our operations or businesses.

This type of technology development is carefully managed to ensure it provides economic and environmental benefits to Suncor. It is a key strategy in a world of fast-changing products and services. Examples of investments include:

  • Enerkem Inc.: a company which manufactures biofuels and renewable chemical products from household garbage that would otherwise be landfilled. Suncor has seconded expertise and personnel into the Edmonton facility as well as investing financially.
  • LanzaTech: a biofuels firm based in the United States that is advancing a proprietary gas phase fermentation technology to recycle waste gas and greenhouse gas emissions into low-carbon fuels and chemicals.
  • LanzaJet: partnering to advance converting ethanol for renewable jet fuels.
  • ArcTern Ventures: a venture capital firm investing globally in breakthrough clean technology companies addressing climate change and sustainability.
  • Emerald Technology Investments: a clean technology venture capital pioneer we continue to invest through an environmental water fund.
  • Academic partnerships: Suncor is a long-time supporter of research and program work at leading Canadian universities. We aim to host our second Academic Technology Forum virtually in October.

$830 million investment

in technology development and deployment in 2019, including digital transformation.

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